Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Your Bar Should Sound Like...

Well...what can I say? Except that this takes the cake as the most eclectic mix I've ever done! This is a great example of what you should be hearing in a bar/club: songs played by a dj (new & old) that usually would not match up, but DJ Worthy shows you how they can. Everyone one, old skool...new skool...Black...White...Latino...hip hop heads...house family...ALL can find a few songs in this mix to dance to. Want to take a listen? Sure! But be sure to comment and definitely follow me on SoundCloud.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You Ready For The Worthy Experience?

Happy New Year fam! Today is a good day! Today is the first day of starting my own mixtape (coming soon!). It will be a free digital serving of old and new hits mixed by yours truly, DJ Worthy. Make sure you continue to follow my SoundCloud and hit me up via Facebook (or SoundCloud) for bookings. I'm ready for this! Question is, are you ready for 'The Worthy Experience'?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The House

After listening to Azealia Bank's mixtape, "Fantasea," she minded me of how much I miss house music. Not that techno sh*t we listen to at EVERY single bar in NYC, but that Bmore House Music that 'rarely' get any play. I decided to mix some old '90s vogue music to what is now considered 'house' music. Wanna know what that sounds like? Take a listen:

Friday, December 7, 2012

Drunk. Fucking Up The Tracks...Raw.

So I'm in the club in NYC and I had a great buzz going on. The bass was bumping, the people were looking amazing, and the drinks were strong (kinda). But it was then 12am, and my friends were wanting to take shots and start the 'getting wasted' process. But wait?! How could I keep my expensive buzz when the music I was listening to just slowed doooowwwnn. Huh? Did they just mix Christina with Justin Bieber? Wait, why was I hearing Justin Bieber in a club anyway? And why was the dj not experimenting? Grrrr... On to the next club....

New club: OMG! Same music as the other.... and so on...and so on....

So I got WASTED last night, and thought, 'Hmmm, what would it be like if I were to experiment with music to keep your buzz going.' Take a listen as to what I came up with: